Monday, July 22, 2013

iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Why all the hate?

iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, Why can’t we all get along!? 

Let me start this article by saying that I am an iPhone user who switched from Android.  Also, I don’t care what phone or OS other people use. Interesting idea isn’t it? 

One thing that really bugs me about reading through tech articles or commenting on tech related Facebook/Twitter posts is the comment sections. It seems as though every comment section becomes this huge “Apple sucks, Android rocks” (or vice versa) war. Have you ever posted a pro iPhone or Android comment and been personally attacked? I don’t understand the motives of those who do that.

I upgraded from my BB Storm (Ugh, that phone...) to the original Motorola Droid when it was released for Verizon. I had held off on getting an iPhone 3G, cause I wasn’t a huge fan of the design and I wasn’t a huge fan of Apple (for no reason) at the time. 

I still remember the night I saw the first “Droid” commercial. I was watching a football game, it went to commercial and my TV yelled “DROID!” at me and I was glued to my TV. It was the famous “iDont” ad. The commercial did what it was meant to do, I was 100% on “Team Droid” at that point. After doing a little research on the Droid 1, I went to Verizon and upgraded. 

That was my first real smartphone and I loved it. I had a few Blackberry’s prior to that, but I don’t consider those old BBs smartphones in comparison to the first Droid or iPhone 3G. Eventually I upgraded to the Droid 2, then the Droid X. Eventually, I grew a little tired of Motorola’s take on Android, so I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S1, then the S2. I liked Samsung’s smoother Android experience, but I wasn’t (and still am not) a fan of Samsung’s “Cartoon” like user interface. 

While I had my S2, I began to hear about the Motorola Droid Razr that would be out soon and being a former V3 Razr user from back in the day, I was very excited to see Motorola bring back the “Razr” branding. So, I switched to the Droid Razr from the S2 and I must say, that Droid was probably my least favorite Android experience to date. 

The thin design and great looking screen really sold me on the Razr. The awful battery life and faulty hardware is what caused me to look into other phones. I decided to try something new completely, so I traded my Droid Razr for for an iPhone 4s. 

I fell in love with the iPhone from the moment I picked it up. All of my complaints of Android OS were answered with the iPhone 4s including much better battery life, smoother software, great hardware and a great eco system. I will say that my switch to apple was over a year ago and Android as stepped up their game quite a bit since then with devices like the HTC One and S4, also with software updates. 

I wanted to give you a history of the phones I’ve owned to show you that I’m not just an “Apple fanboy”. I like Android just fine, but for me personally iOS just works better. I will never understand why people get so mean when discussing phones. Why can’t someone prefer the iPhone or Apple products without being made fun of or called an “iSheep”? Why can’t someone enjoy Android without being told that their hardware and software is crap? Why does “Windows Phone guy” always have to be told his phone is irrelevant and can’t compete with the “big dogs”?

Competition in the smartphone world is a great thing because it produces better devices for us as consumers. I think we all need to do a better job of understanding that everything a company comes out with will not always be a brand new idea or completely innovative, but maybe just an improvement of something that already exists. 

iOS 7 has been a hot button topic as of late. People seem to love it, hate it, or say it’s a direct copy of Android. That argument doesn’t make much sense to me simply because if you really think about it, everyone “borrowed” ideas from the original iPhone. The good news is, we seem to be heading towards the perfect phone, with perfect software, no matter if you want an iPhone, Android device or Windows Phone. Everyone takings cues from each other and improvement makes things better for the user, so I don’t understand the aggravation behind all of this.

At the end of the day, you should use the phone and eco system that works best in your life and makes you happy. For me that is the iPhone and iOS/OSX, but I’m not opposed to switching if I like something better one day. You may enjoy using Windows Phone and Windows 8, or Android and a ChromeBook. 

We all love technology, are allowed to have different opinions and like certain brands better than others, but can’t we do a better job of respecting each other? I’m not pro-Apple, Android or Windows Phone. I’m simply pro-technology and am for advancing the products that we all love, and use daily. What fan base do you think draws the most “hate” and gives the most hate?

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